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Whether you require the painting and decorating of a home, office, store, or even a church, Tribeca Painters is the perfect choice. We will work around your needs and your times, causing minimum disruption to your home life. We will treat your timetable as a fixed deadline – not just a guideline!


Our success is based on combining experienced, fully qualified residential and commercial decorators and painters, rigorous quality control and flexible hours of working. We use eco-paints with no smell if that is what you need. According to our clients we are one of the best painting and decorating companies in NYC.


We are licensed & fully insured. 

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Kimberly H, Brooklyn, New York

They come to Brooklyn! I live in clinton hill. 

So I Recently moved to my new apartment and needed my carpet cleaned and my walls painted... First thing on the agenda. Walls, because I mean... perfectly painted walls make the home, no? Anyway, An employee of mine referred me to Tribeca painters.

It was love at first sight. I chose my colors, they estimated my price which was way lower than expected. I chose the date and time they would come. Days later, they came to my apartment. Covered up furniture and floors to keep them safe. I honestly didn't have to lift a finger nor yell at the painters for being lazy bums..Because they weren't. I also liked that they didn't rush. Rush Jobs to me are very sloppy and sloppy is something they are not! 

I chose a beautiful sandy brown and a really warm lacy white, I think it was wedding veil? My walls came out beautiful!!! I had a small home warming party and all my friends were curious as to who did the painting. I wanted to lie and say that I did but  my friends know i am a terrible painter so I told them the truth. Oh yeah, did I mention that they even smoothed out some of the less than perfect portions of my wall?

I recommend this company to everyone I know. They will always have my business. They are professional. You are paying for great quality work with these people.